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Intermediate to Advanced Level


The ELICOS for Academic Purpose (EAP) Program is to meet the academic skills required for the learners to gain an entry into vocational programs (VET) at Auscanus Institute of Australia or other education providers, TAFE and Universities in Australia or in tertiary education qualification.

Each level of EAP program is for 10-week (without break), face-to-face program with 20 hours of lessons per week, covering Monday to Friday for 4 hours each day.

AIA believes that learning is best when students are interested in the subject and the study is related to real-life situations. Students will complete projects like essays and presentations, listen to lectures, read academic texts and participate in discussions.

Vocabulary and grammar learning will be in the context of real-world academic tasks. Language learning should be communicative and interactive, with students spending time speaking with other students to enhance their learning experience.

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Please email or call the student administration should you require any additional support.


CRICOS Course Code:



Melbourne Campus

Delivery Mode:

Face to Face and Self Study

EAP Levels:

3 Level - Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced


Please see the Fees and Charges page or contact the campus directly!


Up to 34 Weeks - (each level 12 weeks including holidays)

Entry Requirement

There is no specific entry requirement for this ELICOS. This course is available to all international students as along as they can provide the evidence that:

  • The Student must be 18 years or older at the time of course commencement,
  • The Student has successfully completed the Australian Year 12 (or equivalent) and,
  • The Student have an IELTS score of at least 4.5 or PTE Academic score of 30 (or equivalent) OR Successful completion of ELICOS General English at Intermediate level (Level 3).
  • Prior to enrolment, students may wish to evidence of prior English knowledge and skills by taking up an AIA placement test to determine which level is the most appropriate for the student. This approach will also allow us to identify any special needs. Please also note, Citizens of certain countries are exempted from the English proficiency requirement, please contact AIA for further details or visit the DOHA Website.
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Additional Information:

  • What are the 3 Levels of EAP?
    Intermediate Level, Upper Intermediate Level and Advanced Level
  • Who is this course for?
    This course is for anyone aged 18 or over who is preparing to study for a degree or classroom-based VET course where the study is in English. Even if your English is already good enough for further study, an EAP course can help you understand how to do assignments well – and thus make your further study easier. It may even help you get higher grades in your qualification!
  • What will I learn on this course?
    This course covers academic English: the English you will need for further study. It includes speaking, listening, writing and reading, including listening to lectures, speaking in tutorials, giving presentations, reading academic texts, and writing essays and reports. To help you with these skills, there will also be plenty of vocabulary and grammar to help you succeed in your future course.
  • Will there be any assessment?
    Continuous assessment is used. Your teachers will give you marks and feedback for the projects you do, as well as for work in class and for homework. You will also have a weekly test covering reading, listening or writing. The purpose of assessment is for you to see your progress, and so that teachers can find which areas to give extra attention to. All assessment is supportive – perhaps very different from your exams at school! Feedback from assessment is part of learning, your teacher will help you to improve for the next task.
  • What do I get when I finish?
    When you finish your course, we will give you a certificate and a report. This shows your grades and the levels you studied at.

Assessment Tasks, Methods and Mode of Delivery

EAP – Assessment Tasks and Strategies

The following methods, procedures and sources of instruments will be used for assessment, please note these are provided as a starting point only:

  • Academic projects: Students will complete a sequence of projects throughout each level of the EAP course. Each project lasts for the duration of a module, i.e., five or six weeks.
  • Weekly out-of-class work: This will mostly comprise short essays in the style of IELTS Task 2, the Pearson Test of English essay writing question or the TOEFL iBT writing question
  • Regular skills tests: Skills assessment will rotate through reading, listening and writing.
  • In-class assessment (speaking): Assessment tasks will generally also have a summative element in that the results will be recorded and may contribute to decisions about course progress and grades to be awarded at the point of exit from the course.

Methods of Delivery

A number of delivery methods will be adopted to ensure the content is communicated to the learners; these include but are not limited to:

  • Audio/video materials, supervised work, identifying activities, matching, research, oral presentations, games, re-ordering activities, filling gaps, group work, role play, board activities, discussions, debates and analysis.
  • These methods may differ on intensity according to the level and the goals set for each one of them. They are beneficial to engage learners in the learning process and encourage them to contribute in a meaningful manner.

Mode of Delivery

Each ELICOS level comprehends 250 hours over a 10-week period comprising 20 hours per week of classroom based (face to face) delivery and there is a 5-hour self-paced space for students to study during the week.

Opportunities will be taken to go out of the classroom, both physically through excursions which allow students to use English in real contexts, and virtually through the use of the internet and social media platforms.


At AIA, we are committed to providing transparent information regarding our fees and charges to ensure that students have a clear understanding of their financial commitments. Our fees are structured to cover tuition, administration, and any additional services or materials required for your chosen course.

To access the comprehensive Fees and Charges document outlining the costs associated with our courses, please click the button below;


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